The Bellingen Healing Centre provides a full range of services for babies and children including all checks required in the Blue Book as well as immunisations.

We are focused on the prevention and early identification of potential health issues, as a healthy start in infancy is a good predictor of lifelong wellbeing. We achieve this through regular screening health checks and encourage you to schedule an appointment with us to discuss your child’s needs for today and the future.

What are childhood health checks?

Childhood health checks are carried out by Bellingen Healing Centre’s doctors and practice nurses. They are often performed at the same time as your child’s scheduled vaccinations or they can be booked as a separate appointment.

Childhood health checks cover areas such as:

If you have any concerns about your child’s health and development progress, you should raise these with your doctor or nurse during their appointment.

Bellingen Healing Centre provides a wide range of vaccination services which include childhood immunisations and travel vaccines.

NB: All vaccinations require an appointment.

Other paediatric services

Our doctors and nurses work closely with allied health practitioners such as speech pathologists, occupational therapists and psychologists to ensure we provide holistic care to your child.


We use the Telephone Interpreter Service 1300 131 450 when required. We can organise an “over the phone” service or with 48 hours notice an “on-site” service.

We can arrange interpreters through NABS, National Auslan Inter-preter Service for our deaf patients.