General Medical Care

At Bellingen Healing Centre, we have learnt through experience that healthcare delivery is different for each user of our services. We understand that the health needs of each individual can vary significantly; depending on their age, sex, long-term health conditions, ethnicity and cultural heritage.

In recognition of this, we aim to tailor your healthcare experience to your unique individual needs.

What healthcare services do we provide?

Broadly speaking, our services are split into 3 distinct foundations of health;

Acute care pertains to your need to access ad-hoc medical care when you develop a new illness, injury or disorder. The need for this type of care is unpredictable and can arise at any time. In order to respond to this, we aim to ensure that you can always access an appointment with a GP in our practice within 48 hours for clinically urgent matters.

Chronic care pertains to the management of your long-term health conditions. The need for chronic disease management is relatively predictable and routine follow ups with your usual GP should be planned and scheduled ahead of time to ensure your conditions are at all times optimally managed.

Preventative care pertains to the utilisation of evidence-based assessments tools to screen individuals for diseases that they are at risk of developing. This helps your GP to achieve early diagnosis of emerging chronic diseases which in turn facilitates optimal management.

Generally speaking, the earlier a chronic disease is identified, the better the outcome; so preventative care is essential in keeping you as healthy as possible throughout your life.

In addition to screening for chronic diseases, preventative care also involves ensuring you are offered all immunisations that are available to you to reduce the risk of developing illnesses and conditions.

Why are all 3 foundations of healthcare required?

In the same way that buildings are only as strong as their foundations, our body’s health and wellbeing is only optimal when we look after all 3 foundations of health. This is why our healthcare team are passionate about the 3 foundations of healthcare and strongly advocate for our patients to follow these.

What can you expect from our health practitioners?

Our commitment to you is to utilise innovative strategies and extensive resources to ensure that you are provided with wholistic healthcare across all 3 foundations in order to optimise your health and wellbeing.


We use the Telephone Interpreter Service 1300 131 450 when required. We can organise an “over the phone” service or with 48 hours notice an “on-site” service.

We can arrange interpreters through NABS, National Auslan Inter-preter Service for our deaf patients.