Antenatal Care

Pregnancy can be one of the most wonderful and exciting times of life, but it can also carry some confusion and moments of stress along the way. It is so important that you feel supported and that your health is in good hands during this time.

From pre-pregnancy planning through to delivery and beyond, we have experienced clinicians that are able to provide thorough care and monitoring of both mother and baby.

In line with state and national antenatal guidelines, it is recommended to seek medical advice via your GP as early as possible in pregnancy (and ideally before). We suggest making a long appointment so that we can:

Sharing the journey with a mum throughout her pregnancy, meeting her baby and celebrating their arrival together at the first newborn check is one of the most joyful moments of being a GP. And of course, continuing to care for this new child as they grow up too!


We use the Telephone Interpreter Service 1300 131 450 when required. We can organise an “over the phone” service or with 48 hours notice an “on-site” service.

We can arrange interpreters through NABS, National Auslan Inter-preter Service for our deaf patients.